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Rose Kennedy Greenway sculpture gets a name

The new aerial sculpture by artist Janet Echelman is suspended above the Rose Kennedy Greenway.Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

That floating sculpture over the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway now has a name. Brookline artist Janet Echelman says the title of her work is “As if It Were Already Here.” A crew of about 50 people began installing the sculpture Sunday morning. Its official opening is May 11. “I have to meet the sculpture before I can name it. I had picked out a name for our son before he was born and filled in the forms at the hospital, but when we got to know him, we realized he needed a different name,” Echelman said. “My first chance to meet the sculpture was Sunday during installation, because when we’re making it, it’s too large to see more than only a small portion at a time. . . . I chatted with lots of people encountering the sculpture for the first time, and their responses helped inspire the title. . . . One woman told me it seemed as if the sculpture had always been here.”