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Erica McDermott talks about her roles

From left: Candy O’Terry, Erica McDermott, publisher Carol Patton.Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Local actress Erica McDermott spoke to former radio personality Candy O'Terry at a Boston Women in Media & Entertainment event Wednesday night, but she couldn't disclose too much. The talk, part of the organization's "The Story Behind Her Success" series, had her dishing about how she just wrapped three different movies and lost a role in one, but she kept plenty of secrets, including the details of her role in the David O. Russell film "Joy," which finished production in Massachusetts earlier this year. McDermott says her role in the film is small. She also appeared in Russell's local films "American Hustle" and "The Fighter." "This is the third film where I've worked with David O. Russell, and . . . he's so great, I'd work with him in a second," McDermott said, "But he's extremely top-secret."

McDermott, who spoke with us Wednesday afternoon, was more open about her role in "Black Mass," which has her playing Mary Bulger opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Billy Bulger. She said "The Imitation Game" actor picked up a local dialect with a coach. "Benedict was amazing from day one," she recounted. "He's a really great person who's able to laugh and have a good time, and then really get to work and be extremely focused within the snap of a finger."


McDermott also confirmed that she has a role in "Manchester-by-the-Sea," a Matt Damon-produced film starring Casey Affleck. As for the role she lost, it was in the film "The Whole Truth," the movie that was supposed to film in Massachusetts but moved production to New Orleans.

"There was some sort of cast change that happened literally overnight," she said. "The production moved down south, as far as I know . . . the entire movie is based in the South, and the roles went to authentic Southern actors."