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Is Wahlberg Twitter feud growing?


A day after Mark Wahlberg’s wife took an apparent swipe at Donnie Wahlberg’s wife for her choice of hair color, Donnie changed his Twitter picture to include his pink-haired wife. Coincidence? Doubt it. Earlier this week, Donnie’s wife, former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy, tweeted a pic of herself with pink hair, and soon after, Mark Wahlberg’s wife, model Rhea Durham, tweeted: “Don’t u think after age 25 it might be strange for a woman to dye her hair pink, purple, green or any color of that sort???#needattention?” (For the record, McCarthy is 42, Durham 37.) The comment didn’t sit well with Donnie, who responded on Twitter: “Imagine the depth of pain somebody must be in, to be unkind to another human being.” (Durham later tweeted an apology: “Sorry if I offended anyone! I have no problem apologizing when I speak out of line! I have more to think about than this. Again Sorry!”) Thursday, Donnie changed his photo because, as A&E likes to say, “Donnie Loves Jenny.”

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