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Film on mother-daughter relationship set for Woods Hole

Gayle Kirschenbaum has made two films featuring her mom, Mildred.
Gayle Kirschenbaum has made two films featuring her mom, Mildred.Tina Buckman

Gayle Kirschenbaum’s new documentary, “Look at Us Now, Mother!,” is about the filmmaker’s complex relationship with her mom, Mildred. The movie, which screens Monday at the Woods Hole Film Festival, is actually the second Kirschenbaum’s made about her mother. The first, a funny short called “My Nose,” was about her mom’s obsession with Kirschenbaum’s prominent proboscis, and her attempt to convince her daughter to get a nose job. The 13-minute documentary was well received, prompting Kirschenbaum to explore more deeply the dynamics of this mother-daughter relationship. (“This is the story of the transformation of our relationship from ‘Mommy Dearest’ to my dear mom,” she says in the trailer.) In “Look at Us Now, Mother!” Kirschenbaum delves into her mother’s childhood, and relives her own experiences of emotional abuse, self-doubt, and resentment. She hopes the film can help others seeking reconciliation. “I’ve become the accidental therapist,” says Kirschenbaum. As she travels the film festival circuit, she’s looking forward to lively Q&A’s with audiences. “And you know,” she laughs, “I’m looking for a nice guy.” The Woods Hole Film Festival runs July 25-Aug. 1.

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