It's well known that actor Bill Murray loves baseball. The Chicago native is a diehard Cubs fan. (Earlier this summer, he may have been only half joking when he called the Cubs's hated rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, "Satan's messengers on earth.") Not as well known is Murray's ownership stake in the Martha's Vineyard Sharks, a collegiate summer baseball team that plays its home games at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School in Oak Bluffs. Sunday, Murray threw out the first pitch at the Sharks's game and chatted briefly with a reporter from the Cape Cod Times, who asked the "Lost in Translation" star what's wrong with the Red Sox. "You can't win every year," replied Murray. "You guys used to be such good losers and now you're unbearable just because you won a couple times. Always such gracious losers and now just terrible winners. That's what I think the Red Sox problem is." He was kidding (we think). In throwing out the first pitch, Murray actually resembled one of the Sox starters, air-mailing it to the backstop.