Boston’s Millennium Campus Network honors Terry Crews

Honoree Terry Crews (left) with prize-winner Pedro Piqueras.
Honoree Terry Crews (left) with prize-winner Pedro Piqueras. Millennium Campus Network

Actor and gender equality activist Terry Crews was among the honorees at the Millennium Campus Network’s 7th annual Campus Conference in New York last week. Sam Vaghar, cofounder of the Back Bay-based organization, said the six Global Generation awards went to leaders who use their platforms to inspire the next generation to advance United Nations goals. The other honorees included Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel and National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths. University of California, Riverside doctoral student Pedro Piqueras was given the Millennium Health Prize for his clean air campaign. Students at the annual conference, which was hosted by the UN, launched five campaigns that will run this school year. The issues addressed include air quality and gender equality on college campuses.