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Brady is no Nixon, says Carl Bernstein

New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady threw a pass during a joint training camp for the Patriots and New Orleans Saints football teams in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., on Wednesday.AP Photo/Steve Helber

Since Watergate, it seems every scandal, no matter how inconsequential, has been given the suffix “-gate.” Who can forget Fajitagate in 2002, when three off-duty San Francisco police officers allegedly assaulted two men because they thought a bag of steak fajitas contained drugs? Now, of course, it’s Deflategate. Wednesday, an intrepid TMZ reporter approached Carl Bernstein on the street and asked the former Washington Post reporter what he thinks about applying “-gate” to Tom Brady’s alleged transgressions. (Bernstein and his colleague Bob Woodward exposed the Watergate coverup, which eventually ended Richard Nixon’s presidency in 1974.) “Certainly Tom Brady is not comparable to Watergate,” said Bernstein, clearly amused by the question. “Watergate was about a criminal president of the United States who was sui generis — one of a kind in our history — and to compare Tom Brady and deflating a few footballs. . . . It’s apples and oranges.”