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It’s all uphill for Edelman

Men’s Health

We learn a few interesting tidbits about Julian Edelman in the new issue of Men’s Health magazine, none more interesting than the fact that the Patriots receiver has his last name tattooed on his arm. It’s prominently displayed in a photo accompanying an article about Edelman’s training and nutrition regimen. Who does that? In the offseason, Edelman runs grueling intervals on “The Hill,” a well-known landmark in Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve in Redwood City, Calif. The Pats pass catcher said he got some good advice from Tom Brady when he joined the team. “When I was younger, I’d try to work so hard, T.B. would tell me, ‘Hey, Jules, it’s not always about working harder; it’s about working smarter. Go out with a purpose on what you need to do to get better.’ ” The magazine comes out Tuesday.