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‘Life is Good’ goes on the road

Life is Good founders and brothers John and Bert Jacobs visited the Harvard Coop on Wednesday to talk about their new book, the aptly titled “Life is Good: The Book.” Now the brothers will head on an eight-week tour to promote the release, visit with some people who’ve inspired their work, and stop by some big nonprofit events, including the LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade festival in Los Angeles on Saturday. The Jacobs brothers, Needham natives who began selling their now-famous stick-figure T-shirts door-to-door in 1994, are now 47 and 50. Their book is categorized as self-help, but John explained, “It’s more insights that we’ve learned over the years — personal stories from customers.” Bert said, of the mission of the company, which gives 10 percent of its net profits to kids in need, “The general philosophy is that some people believe optimism is a soft philosophy and we don’t — we believe it’s a pragmatic strategy for living a happy and fulfilling life, and that’s the basis of our company.”