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Louis C.K. and Matt LeBlanc, way back when

Louis C.K. and Matt LeBlanc in their younger days in Newton.

Louis C.K. and Matt LeBlanc are both serious contenders to win outstanding lead actor in a comedy series at Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards. (LeBlanc for his role on Showtime’s “Episodes” and C.K. for the FX comedy “Louie.”) Emmy voters probably don’t know, or care, that both guys grew up in Newton, but we do. The other day, we got our hands on a 1985 Newton North High School yearbook, and there they are. LeBlanc looks like a clean-cut, all-American kid in a jacket and tie. Meanwhile, Louis Szekely — Louis C.K.’s real name — is wearing what looks like a leather, Members Only-style jacket. (His tender-hearted yearbook message begins: “Louis + Elizabeth My Brown eyed girl, I love you. . .”) Intrigued, we dug a little deeper into the past, finding a 1982 F.A. Day Junior High School yearbook. LeBlanc has an abbreviated bowl cut and a baseball shirt. His quote: “Remembers hockey; hates English.” Szekely, showing a predictable punk-rock sensibility, is wearing a Sex Pistols shirt. His parting shot: “Will always remember how stupid the Newton School system was.”

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