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A Fenway celebration for Illuminus

From left: artist and poet DiDi Delgado, Illuminus director of programming Ethan Vogt, artist Maria Finkelmeier, and Illuminus founder and executive director Jeff Grantz.ILLUMINUS/Natasha Moustache Photography

The Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park hosted a preview party for Illuminus, an event that will bring lights, sounds, and projection to Lansdowne Street Oct. 3-4. Guests at the celebration at the baseball bar included Illuminus artist and poet DiDi Delgado; Illuminus director of programming Ethan Vogt; Illuminus executive director Jeff Grantz; and artist Maria Finkelmeier, whose Illuminus creation is a musical project called “Waking the Monster.” Finkelmeier says, on her website, of the “Monster” project, “The three-story exterior support structure of the Green Monster that faces Lansdowne Street will be turned into a nine-person percussion playground, complete with notation system and carefully dissected sonic map.” The Fenway installment of Illuminus will be hosted by HUBweek.

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