What would David Ortiz be doing if he wasn’t playing baseball?

David Ortiz.
David Ortiz.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Created a while back by former Yankee Derek Jeter, The Players’ Tribune is intended to “bring fans closer to the games they love” and “provide unique insight into the daily sports conversation” by publishing first-person stories from athletes. In other words, the website gives jocks a voice unfiltered by the media. Well, judging from a post Wednesday by Sox slugger David Ortiz, a filter might not be a bad thing. In a feature called “What the (Blank)?,” Ortiz answered a series of 10 questions. Most are straightforward, questions like “My favorite sports team growing up was the” ([Chicago] Bulls); “In a movie about my life, the actor I would want to play me is” (Denzel [Washington]); and “If I’m at an all-you-can-eat buffet, the first thing I’m going for is” (fried chicken). But asked what his “dream job” would be if he didn’t play baseball, Ortiz replied: Porn star. Hmm.