Plane with anti-Goodell banner to buzz Gillette Stadium

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t endear himself to Patriots fans with his rulings on Deflategate.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t endear himself to Patriots fans with his rulings on Deflategate.Seth Wenig/Associated Press/File 2013

Patriots fans tailgating before Sunday’s game at Gillette Stadium will want to take a break from their brats and beer and look up in the sky. Why? Because a small plane will be buzzing overhead with a banner reading “SQUISH THE COMMISH.”

The not-so-subtle message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was arranged and paid for not by the Patriots but by Kyle Nagel, a longtime fan who says he’s mad as hell at the way Goodell handled Deflategate and he’s not going to take it anymore.

“I’ve just been aggravated about all this crap that’s been going on with [Tom] Brady and the football and I wanted to do something. My wife and I were sitting around and she came up with ‘Squish the Commish,’ ” Nagel told us. “The way the whole Deflategate thing has been blown up, it’s like Brady is the second coming of the devil. It’s totally ridiculous.”

If “Squish the Commish” has a familiar ring, that’s because it’s a play on the popular 1980s anti-Dolphins catch phrase “Squish the Fish,” which Nagel coined back when he owned the apparel company Salem Sportswear.


He hoped to fly the banner before the team’s nationally televised season opener Sept. 10, but inclement weather grounded the plane. Nagel also has a website — Squishthecommish.com — where he’s selling T-shirts. One reads “There’s No Good in Goodell,” another says “Roger This!” Nagel said all proceeds from the sales will go to Best Buddies, a charity endorsed by Brady.

Nagel isn’t the first person to take to the friendly skies to send an unfriendly message to Goodell. This summer, a Patriots fan in Biddeford, Maine, hired a pilot to circle the commissioner’s sprawling summer place in nearby Scarborough with a banner reading: “Commissioner Goodell — Jet Home to New York.”


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