Hamish Linklater is usually recognized for three of his most famous roles. Sometimes people will tell him, “Hey, you’re Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s brother,” which means they were fans of his show “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Other times people will tell him he’s a jerk, which means they watched him on HBO’s “The Newsroom.” And then there are the people who know him from “The Crazy Ones,” the season-long CBS show that costarred Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. “I’m surprised by how many people watched ‘The Crazy Ones,’ ” Linklater told us. “Robin Williams had a ton of fans.” Despite all his television gigs, actor-playwright Linklater is known in the Berkshires for his theater work. Last month, Shakespeare & Company hosted a staged reading of his play “The Vandal.” This Saturday, he’ll be back in town to perform a reading of “Richard III” with his girlfriend, actress Lily Rabe. Linklater is a longtime supporter of Shakespeare & Company, of which his mother, Kristin Linklater, was a founding member. “It does feel like a return to the womb,” Linklater said of visiting his former Lenox home. He added, of his career, “I grew up in a theater company so that was the first medium I really knew and loved.” Shakespeare & Company is selling VIP tickets to Saturday’s performance that include a cocktail reception with the cast. We expect that some of those ticket-holders will be super-fans of Rabe’s show “American Horror Story.” A note for that crew: Don’t expect the actress to provide any spoilers for “AHS: Hotel,” which begins airing this week. We tried getting Linklater to spill some details. “I can tell you what’s going to happen next season, but then I might get dumped,” he joked.

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