Beano Boyz are a new addition for Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins (second from right), with other members of New Edition.
Michael Bivins (second from right), with other members of New Edition.Amy Sussman/Invision/AP/File 2014

Michael Bivins of New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe — who’s also known for discovering acts such as Boys II Men — has been mentoring a new group, the Beano Boyz Crew. Like New Edition, the act is five guys, all from around Boston. Their song “Supa Model” has a big video with local scenery. Bivins said the guys understand that they’re lucky to have him promoting their music, but that he tries not to tell his young protégés too many stories about how many times he topped the charts. “I try not to be the guy that talks so much in the past, you know? They don’t know what you’re talking about. No matter how hard I come with the conversation or how animated I am, it doesn’t resonate because they didn’t live it. My thing is, I try to deal in the present, and every now and then I’ll make reference to something in the past. For example, when we’re talking about LeBron James . . . I might go back to, you know, Larry Bird,” Bivins told us. Bivins is bringing the young group to perform at the YMCA of Greater Boston’s Dream Together Party on Oct. 14 at the Four Seasons. “At this end of this big night, they get to perform a couple of the songs for the kids and for the staff, and it’s just so awesome because we represent the Roxbury YMCA, but the message is for all YMCAs in the New England area.” Bivins now splits his time between his family’s home in Connecticut and his old place in Boston. His mom still lives locally and works in the school system. “My room still overlooks the city,” he said.