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Mitchell Garabedian seems to approve of ‘Spotlight’

Mitchell Garabedian, the attorney for many of the victims in the priest sex abuse scandal that is the focus of “Spotlight,” hasn’t said much, if anything, about the film, which is widely considered to be the Oscar front-runner for best picture. Garabedian (inset) isn’t participating in the press junket for the film, and Stanley Tucci, who plays the relentless lawyer in the movie, told reporters at the Venice Film Festival that he’d never met or spoken to Garabedian. (The actor said he was urged not to because Garabedian can be abrasive.) It was interesting then to see Garabedian give director Tom McCarthy a thumbs-up from his seat in the audience at Wednesday’s premiere of “Spotlight” at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. To paraphrase Sally Field: He likes it! He really likes it!