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Amy Cuddy and ‘Maze Runner’ author bring out crowds

Two big names brought out a crowd of readers Tuesday night. Harvard Business School’s Amy Cuddy , whose popular TED talk about body language has over 29 million views online, hosted a workshop at the West Suburban YMCA in Newton. Guests got a copy of her upcoming book, “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges,” which isn’t out until Dec. 22. The room held 150 people, but 100 more had wanted to attend. “I just wish we could have knocked down the walls to fit all 250 people that wanted to come,” said Liz Rowland, a librarian at the Newton Free Library, which hosted the event. The same night, Wellesley Books hosted an event at the Rivers School in Weston to accommodate fans of James Dashner, author of “The Maze Runner,” which has become a big movie franchise. Dashner’s new series is “The Mortality Doctrine”; the latest installment, “The Game of Lives,” was released last month. Dashner didn’t talk about the movies much, but did confirm that the next “Maze Runner” film starts shooting in Vancouver in February. “What stood out to me was the audience was mostly filled with boys,” said Wellesley Books’s Jane Stiles. “You would think of readers as young girls, but it was great to see the boys’ enthusiasm for the books.”