Donnie Wahlberg shows his support for Carly Fiorina

Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg(Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Donnie Wahlberg still has high hopes for Carly Fiorina. The New Kid on the Block and “Blue Bloods” actor, who pledged his support for Fiorina in August, sent out a tweet Tuesday morning about his Republican candidate of choice. “Suspect @CarlyFiorina will do well in #NHPrimary today. Can’t help but wonder how well she’d have done if she wasn’t shut out of #GOPDebate.”

Wahlberg also had this to say about the election: “It’s in medias interest to see @marcorubio do poorly in #NHPrimary. Because a win or second ends the suspense, and nomination is likely his. Same with Democrats- If @BernieSanders doesn’t win #NHPrimary by a wide margin, they can pack it up & send @HillaryClinton to convention.”


Wahlberg then promised to take a break from political tweets, saying that it was time to move on to “#TWUG Tuesday!” “Back soon with intergalactic #TWUG TIME!”

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