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Humor channel tries to parody ‘Spotlight’ with ‘Spawtlight’

A parody of the film “Spotlight” posted on YouTube on Wednesday had more than 5,000 views by Thursday afternoon. “Spawtlight: The Horrible Truth About Boston,” made by digital comedy network Above Average, features actors playing Boston Globe Spotlight reporters pursuing another investigation — after they uncover the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.

What else could be wrong with Boston, they ask? “Everything,” says the actor playing former Globe reporter Matt Carroll.

The short video mocks the big Boston stereotypes, from our accents to our consumption of Dunkin’ Donuts. “It is a culture-less suburb full of 20-story office buildings, Irish pubs, and self-righteous white people,” says the actor who seems to be playing Michael Keaton playing the Globe’s Walter Robinson.


Even the Wahlbergs get a mention. A reporter (who’s supposed to resemble Mark Ruffalo) screams, “You try to get a good meal in this town!” after throwing a takeout menu from Wahlburgers.

It’s been a season of Boston film parodies because of local movies such as “Spotlight” and “Black Mass.” “Late Night With Seth Meyers” released its take on Mass. movies, “Boston Accent Trailer,” last month.