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Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, the 21-year-old rapper better known as Joey Bada$$ , spoke at Harvard the other day, talking about his experience as an independent artist in the rough-and-tumble music business. "One of my dreams is to do a TED Talk one day, so I just started pushing the envelope and doing these lectures," Joey told us beforehand. (He spoke at NYU last week.) So what does he tell aspiring artists? "Listen to the beat of their heart, to not be scared and to pursue whatever it is their inner voice is telling them," he said. "I tell these kids they can be the leaders of the future."

Meanwhile NBA star Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat got a big round of applause from students at Harvard Business School, where he spoke about his WADE Brand, which markets itself as the "Way of Wade" and sells sneakers and other items. He was invited by professor Anita Elberse, who teaches a course covering the businesses of entertainment, media, and sports.


"I was very nervous when I came here," Wade told the students. "You think shooting free throws, down one [point] with two seconds left, is nerve-racking. Come to Harvard for the first time." LeBron James's former teammate talked about growing up on the South Side of Chicago. "We all are driven by something in our lives. I was driven by my upbringing. With my mom being on drugs most of my childhood and my dad being addicted to alcohol. . . . It was either [be] in a game or in a gang. I had the determination that I was gonna be something. I was gonna be an NBA player and I put everything into it."

Elberse posted a photo of Wade on Instagram afterward. "Had a blast hanging with @dwyanewade last night," she wrote.