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‘Ghostbusters’ trailer drops

YouTube Screencapture/GHOSTBUSTERS official trailer

The first real trailer for “Ghostbusters” is out, and here’s what we know, based on the clips.

1. Even though most of the film was shot in Boston, filmmakers do a pretty good job of making it look like NYC.

2. The new team of female Ghostbusters is supposed to be composed of genius scientists, except for Leslie Jones’s character, who says she knows the city (and can procure a car, which happens to be a hearse).

3. There appears to be as much or more slime in the reboot as there was in the first films.

4. Kate McKinnon’s character gets the punch lines.


5. Chris Hemsworth is only in the trailer for a second or two, which means they’re saving his best stuff for the film.

Fans and press were invited to the Sony lot in Los Angeles Wednesday to get a sneak peak of the trailer and to hear from director Paul Feig and co-writer Katie Dippold, who also worked on “The Heat,” another Feig movie filmed in Boston.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Feig told the group that he did a reboot instead of a sequel so the characters could learn to fight ghosts on their own.

“I didn’t like the idea of them being handed technology. I wanted to see it develop. I’m such a tech head.”

Watch the trailer below: