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CBS murder mystery will be set in Boston

Film crew outside Faneuil Hall filming for the upcoming CBS murder mystery “American Gothic.”Sama Abduljawad for the Boston Globe

Those cameras you saw in front of the Boston Public Library a few weeks ago were not affiliated with Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon bombing movie, “Patriots Day.” They belonged to a television show “American Gothic,” which will premiere on CBS in June.

Showrunner Corinne Brinkerhoff, who earned her graduate degree from Boston University in 2004, confirmed that “Gothic” is set in Boston, and that the crew filmed scenes and exteriors at the BPL, Faneuil Hall, and City Hall. She said she’d hoped to film at Trinity Church, but her plans were cut short because of the last snowstorm.

Virginia Madsen was literally on her way,” Brinkerhoff said, of the “American Gothic” star, who turned around after the weather forced the crew to its second location, Toronto.


Brinkerhoff said “Gothic,” a murder mystery, is set in Boston, so it’s possible stars will return to the Hub for more episodes. Actors who did get some camera time in Boston mid-March included Juliet Rylance of “The Knick,” Justin Chatwin of “Orphan Black,” and young actor Gabriel Bateman, whom Brinkerhoff says plays a “budding psychopath.”

Brinkerhoff’s resume includes “The Good Wife,” “Elementary,” and “Jane the Virgin.” For “American Gothic,” she’s working with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.