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Nancy Kerrigan hosts event for friend who died in Planned Parenthood shooting

Nancy Kerrigan at Hurricane O’Reilly’s.Barry Chin/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

After police officer Garrett Swasey was killed in a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado in December, we learned that Nancy Kerrigan had been one of his best friends. (Before Swasey became a police officer, he was a talented ice dancer and the 1992 junior national couples ice dancing champ.) Thursday, Kerrigan helped raise money for the Officer Garrett Swasey Memorial Fund, hosting an event (above) at Hurricane O’Reilly’s. “Garrett was a very important part of my childhood and he and his family were very instrumental in my being able to skate and bringing me to the rink. Because his family lives out in Colorado, I don’t have the capability to help them on a daily basis, as they did for me, but this is something I can do,” Kerrigan told us. “I loved skating with Garrett as a child. There was a lot of teasing and goofing off when we weren’t working hard. Garrett had a great work ethic.” Earlier in the day, Kerrigan was at TD Garden checking out action at the World Figure Skating Championships. She ran into a lot of old friends and even more fans, one of whom handed her money for the Swasey Memorial Fund. “I was really touched by that,” Kerrigan said. Asked if she gets wistful about her former profession on the ice, she said no. “That was a long time ago,” said Kerrigan.