The new season of "Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block" starts June 1, and Pop provided us with a sneak preview of scenes from the first episode. One memorable moment involves Joey McIntyre oversleeping. The scene begins with Victor, the group's security guard, knocking on McIntyre's door. But McIntyre doesn't want to wake up.

"You know it's too early dude," says McIntyre, in a groggy voice. "No, no, no. . . . You're like, you're like, you're like seven minutes early."

McIntyre reluctantly gets up, opens the door, lets Victor in, and then promptly climbs back into his bed.

"I'm laying down for six and half minutes."


Apparently it's well-known that the youngest member of NKOTB enjoys a good amount of shuteye, and tends to be a bear in the morning.

During this scene, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood comment on their colleague's sleeping habits. "In 1986 I learned one of my most valuable lessons as a New Kid," says Wahlberg, "that is to never wake up Joe McIntyre."

"I've never seen anyone need as much sleep as Joe," says Wood, shaking his head. "[He's] gotta get his beauty rest. And he wants to sleep up until the last minute possible."

Indeed, seeing McIntyre waking up is a sight to behold, and you can see for yourself when the show premieres on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on Pop.

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