Find out about Julian Edelman’s offseason fun

Julian Edelman in Boston in April.
Jay Connor for the Boston Globe/File
Julian Edelman in Boston in April.

What’s Julian Edelman’s favorite way to relax? He skateboards in California. The New England Patriots wide receiver often skates with teammate Danny Amendola, according to a recent Bloomberg story. “We’ll start on Washington Boulevard in Venice, grab a burger at Hinano, then ride down through Santa Monica and just soak up the sun,” Edelman said. “It’s a therapeutic thing.” Edelman, who owns a home in West Hollywood, described himself as a “California kid” who loves hamburgers. (He told Bloomberg that his favorite burger spots in Boston are Hojoko, Craigie on Main, Back Bay Social Club, J.M. Curley, and Toro.) Edelman said his go-to ride is a small banana board, and he occasionally rides a long board. But he steers clear of ramps, and doesn’t do many tricks “If you give me six tries, I can probably land a kick flip,” Edelman said in the Bloomberg interview.

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A previous version of this story misspelled the name of the restaurant Craigie on Main.