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Matt Damon talks Deflategate

Matt Damon wearing “Jason Bourne face” in a scene from the newest “Jason Bourne.”Universal Pictures via AP

We all remember what Ben Affleck had to say about Deflategate during his bizarre appearance on Bill Simmons’s HBO show. He was upset. Like, really upset.

Now it’s time for Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon to opine on Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, and Deflategate.

The actor, who’s busy promoting the new “Jason Bourne” movie, told USA Today he thinks Brady’s anger is going to manifest itself in a “Jason Bourne face” — you know, the steely-gaze-squinty-eyes face.

“As a Patriots fan, speaking on behalf of other Patriots fans, we’re looking forward to Tom coming back. Because he’s going to be on a mission,” Damon said.


Damon believes there’s no proof that Brady tampered with footballs before games, and it’s “embarrassing” the way Goodell, the NFL commissioner, handled the whole mess.

Earlier this month, Brady announced he’s not going to fight the four-game suspension he was assessed for violating the integrity of the game by allegedly conspiring to deflate the balls he threw during the 2015 AFC Championship Game.

During his appearance on Simmons’s show, “Any Given Wednesday,” Affleck railed against the NFL and Goodell.

“[Goodell] doesn’t have the decency to say, ‘This is stupid, I was wrong,’ ” Affleck said.

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