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Comedian Kirkman takes a break from Twitter after Clinton post

Comedian Jen Kirkman
Comedian Jen KirkmanWireImage

Sometimes comedians say things - or, these days, tweet things — that their audience doesn’t find funny. This week, Jen Kirkman, who grew up in Needham and has shown a willingness to say just about anything on Twitter, upset a lot of people when she tweeted: “I LIKE that Hillary has murdered a lot of people.” We’re not sure why that might funny, or if it even could be, but many of Kirkman’s followers didn’t think so and tweeted back at her angrily.

The back and forth went on for more than a day until Kirkman — a Clinton supporter, by the way — announced that she’s decided to cool it on Twitter for a while. She didn’t apologize for the original tweet, but said her account has become a “cesspool of hate/threats” so she’s having someone else manage her Twitter presence.