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Scott Brown joked about being in the Mile High Club

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Former US Senator Scott Brown.John Tlumacki

Former senator Scott Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, recently got some laughs while playing a rather racy version of The Newlywed Game.

The couple were on a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage from Boston to Bermuda last week when they were chosen along with other couples to participate as game show contestants before a large seafaring crowd.

Brown set the tone for the festivities by jokingly introducing himself as John Kerry, and much laughter ensued as soon as the questions began.

A passenger who was on the "Norwegian Dawn" cruise and asked not to be named tells us that Brown was asked to guess his wife's answer to the most unusual place they have ever "made whoopee." His first answer? On a golf course. (Huff said "no"). Then he guessed an airplane, to which his wife responded that everyone's done it on an airplane — that's not unusual.


The passenger said Brown's final answer — his US Senate office — really got the crowd going, especially when Brown turned to the audience and quipped, "That's right, and you all paid for it!"

Reached by phone Friday, Brown said the whole thing was a joke from the start.

"It was a comedy night on a cruise. It was all in fun. Those are the answers that the cruise directors gave to us. I've never fooled around on a golf course, or . . . "

Perhaps realizing where this line of discussion was going, Brown politely — and rather abruptly — ended the conversation.

A few minutes later, Brown called back to point out that the cruise was a family vacation, and many of his relatives were there, and it was very clear to everyone in the room that he was kidding from the get-go.

"When I said I was John Kerry, that should have given it away," he said. "Obviously it's a comedy .. . . It was hysterical."


And just to be clear: Brown said he did not do it in his office, or any of those places. "I don't even play golf," he said. "That is why they gave me that answer."