When Barbra Streisand performed at the TD Garden Tuesday night, she spoke to the audience and shared some special memories of our fine city. She fondly recalled attending her stepdaughter’s graduation from Berklee College of Music in 2010, and how professor Henry Tate delivered a nice speech and offered her a private tour of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he once was a curator.

But one thing Babs said really caught everyone’s attention: she said in one of her first visits to Boston, she went to Durgin-Park and ate Indian Pudding. But then just recently, she said, when she asked about Durgin-Park, she was told it was closed!


We’re not sure who Babs was talking to, but clearly they provided her with wrong information. Durgin-Park is still open for business, and after Streisand’s concert, the restaurant was deluged with phone calls the next morning.

“Were not closed, we’re still open,” said Petya Petkova, one of Durgin-Park’s managers.

People have been calling asking if the restaurant had closed. “So many phone calls,” she said. “All morning long.”

And Babs has another reason to rejoice: Indian Pudding is still on the menu.

“That will never change,” said Petkova.