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James Patterson plots ‘The Murder of Stephen King’

Author James PattersonTaylor Jewell/Invision/AP/Invision/AP

How’s this for awkward: James Patterson has coauthored a novel titled “The Murder of Stephen King,” a blatantly fictional tale in which Maine’s best-selling author is hunted by an obsessed killer described as “all of Stephen King’s greatest villains, rolled into one.” The premise of the story, according to Patterson’s website, is this: “Stephen King is facing a nightmare. A stalker is reenacting the horrors from his novels. And he won’t stop until he kills the master of suspense himself — unless King puts him out of his Misery first.” (Ba dum tss!) Written by Patterson and Derek Nikitas, it’s one of the latest offerings in Patterson’s “BookShots” series, a new line of quick, cheap reads (i.e. all titles are under 150 pages and cost less than $5) and will go on sale Nov. 1. But what we’re dying to know is: How does Mr. King feel about this, and — even more important — will he get any slice of the royalties?