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Introducing . . . the Mike O’Malley doorstop

Mike O’Malley’s sister had a doorstop made that features a picture of the New Hampshire-bred actor’s face.Facebook

Some actors read reviews and some don’t. Mike O’Malley clearly does. In Globe critic Ty Burr’s review of “Sully,” he wrote that O’Malley, who plays an NTSB investigator, has a “doorstop of a face.” The actor immediately took to Facebook and offered a $25 gift card to anyone who could post an image of a doorstop that looks like him. There were several funny submissions, but O’Malley’s sister, Kerry, actually had a doorstop custom made with a picture of her brother on it. We know because O’Malley, who grew up in Nashua, N.H. and lives in LA now, posted a picture of the doorstop on Facebook, which prompted one commenter to write: “This holiday season the O’Malley Face Doorstop is the must-have gift.”