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Odd item of the week: The Period Game

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The Period Game was designed by two RISD grads, Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy.PeriodGame

We've seen some weird board games in our day (i.e. Poison Ivy, Bed Bugs, I Vant to Bite Your Finger, and Swack! ) but this has to be the strangest of all.

The Period Game is an educational board game about menstruation that was created by Rhode Island School of Design grads Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy. Apparently they're trying to put the fun back in feminine hygiene. According to their website, the game "strives to turn a typically uneasy situation into a fun, positive, learning experience" and aims to "teach participants about what is happening within the female body and how to 'go with the flow.' "


"Every turn begins with a player turning one of the two ovaries, releasing a marble into the tray below. A red marble came out? Congrats! You got your period. A clear marble? Better luck next time."

With game pieces shaped like tampons and sanitary pads, and playing cards with phrases like "oops . . . you leaked," we've never seen anything else like it.

Slate reports that Gilsanz and Murphy came up with the game as an assignment for a class at RISD, and they're now looking for a manufacturer and distributor to make it available to broader audiences.