Carly Simon on Martha’s Vineyard in 2004.
Carly Simon on Martha’s Vineyard in 2004.Julia Cumes/AP/file

There’s been a lot of speculation over the years about Carly Simon’s song “You’re So Vain,” and who it may be about. The singer has said it’s about three different men, but only ID’d one of them: Warren Beatty. One person it’s definitely not about — but could be, according to the singer — is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Simon, who lives on Martha’s Vineyard, has allowed the song to be used in a new anti-Trump video from a Democratic super PAC. It’s the first time the singer has given permission for the song to be used in a political video. While most of the song’s original lyrics are used, one line has been changed. Instead of “your scarf, it was apricot,” the lyric in the ad is “your face, it was apricot.” “[Simon] is alarmed at the prospect of Donald Trump reaching the White House and has joined other creative voices in making a definitive statement,” a spokesperson for the singer told CNN.