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A bouncer at the Middle East nightclub has been fired after former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy complained that the guard was eating a hamburger and fries during his show Friday. Murphy, whose concert at the Cambridge club was sold out, briefly left the stage after confronting the guard about eating so close to the stage during the show.

Not famous for his sunny disposition, Murphy told the crowd he would not return until the bouncer was removed. The guard was ushered out and the 59-year-old “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” singer returned to finish the show. A rep for the Middle East told us Tuesday that the guard who had been eating during the show has been fired and a second bouncer involved in the incident has been suspended.


Cambridge massage therapist Emily Taylor, a longtime fan of Murphy’s music, was at the show and thinks the security guard was in the wrong. The singer might have been a little grumpy already, she said, but the bouncer should have walked away as soon as Murphy called him out for eating next to the stage.

“They nearly got into a physical altercation,” Taylor said. “[The guard] got pissed at Peter Murphy. You don’t escalate the problem if you’re working security at a venue. You just don’t.”

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