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Boston Children’s Museum — which is sometimes the “Boston Grown-Ups Museum” — opened its doors to a 21-plus crowd Wednesday night for its Ugly Sweater Party. The celebration drew a crowd decked in their loudest holiday attire. Here were some of the more memorable looks during the event, which doubled as a drive for Toys for Tots.

Carmen Galloway (pictured above), Dorchester

Sweater statement: I made it myself. It was a lot of fun.”

The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Mike Murphy, Leominster

Sweater statement: “I saw it online and these are a couple of my favorite things. Cats. Hats. Pizza. I had to give it a buy.”


Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Taylor Hedges, Watertown

Sweater statement: “I’m a third grade teacher, and I had to find something for Spirit Week, and I thought llamas would please everybody.”

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Alex Larson, Milton

Sweater statement: “Its Krampus. I just bought it.”

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Xavier Alvarado , Houston

Sweater statement: “Isn’t it pretty [freaking] ugly?”

The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Diane Isaac , Dorchester

Sweater statement: “My son and I made it. It was a process. There were some burns and some mess with the glue gun, but it was a lot of fun, and we ended up with a tree and ornaments.”

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Busmah Elfaramawi , Nashua

Sweater statement: “I’m a gingerbread man, and I’m Here with my friend, the snowman.”

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Abhishek Pradhani , Mansfield

Sweater statement: “I’ve had this for years now; whenever there’s a Christmas party I always pull this out.”

The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Sydney Breteler , Brookline

Sweater statement: “I feel it’s pretty self-explanatory.”