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Wahlberg gets territorial with Damon and Affleck

Mark Wahlberg at the Boston premier of “Patriots Day.’’John Blanding/Globe staff

Is Mark Wahlberg a little jealous of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck? It sure sounds like it from his comments in a recent interview with Deadline, turning territorial when asked about the pair and Boston-based movies. “I think I’ve made more movies about Boston than them,” said Wahlberg. “But we can all co-exist. They can have Cambridge and everything on that side of the bridge. And everything this way, towards the hood, that is mine. I’ve been to their neck of the woods. I’m not sure they’ve spent that much time in mine.” (Affleck’s “Gone Baby Gone” did take place in Dorchester, Marky Mark’s hood.) Wahlberg seems to recognize that there’s enough room in Beantown for all three of them, though, and gave Damon and Affleck credit for their work. “There are so many great stories to be told [in Boston]. There are so many great characters. They’ve done a great job, those guys.” We agree.