Dorchester by the Sea sounds a lot funnier than ‘Manchester by the Sea’

Maybe Kay Hanley missed her calling.

The frontwoman for the Boston-bred rockers Letters to Cleo lives in LA now, where she and Michelle Lewis compose original songs for the Disney series “Doc McStuffins.” But it’s clear from a series of recent posts on Hanley’s Facebook page that she could have been an actress.

In the clips, Hanley, a Dorchester native, pays hilarious tribute to the movie “Manchester by the Sea.” In the latest clip, she plays a distraught friend of Casey Affleck’s character, lamenting — in her best Southie accent — the death of his brother.

“So you’re gonna go home? I think that’s a good idea. Do you need, like, a ride or some bus fare or somethin’?” she says. “Wait, where is it? Manchester by the Sea? That sounds made up. So it’s north? Is it past, like, Charlestown? Past Lynn? In Revere and all that? Like Gloucester, Marblehead, Nahant Beach? . . . Well, I can’t give you a ride cuz I gotta take aunt Mildred to bingo in Milton at St. Agatha’s, but my heart will be with you.”