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A South Shore bathing suit designer is in deep water after criticizing In Style magazine’s decision to put comedian Amy Schumer on its cover.

One of the first comments on the magazine’s Instagram post of its May beauty issue was written by Cohasset-based South Shore Swimwear.

“Come on now! You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit,” it reads.

As you might imagine, that sentiment is not shared by everyone and @SouthShoreSwimwear quickly found itself in the crosshairs, with many commenters accusing the designer of body shaming Schumer.

One woman wrote: “ ‘Some people just don’t belong in a swimsuit???’ I guess when I say I feel sorry for you, I also mean I feel sorry for you having some person or event in your life that made you think your self worth is based on your size, and if you aren’t perfect that you should hide or not participate in everyday events.”

Dana Duggan, owner South Shore Swimwear, seemed to double down on her remark, responding: “[Schumer] is a self proclaimed Cabbage Patch Kid. She fat shames herself in her comedy routine.”


Reached Friday, Duggan gave us this statement:

“What happened to the allure, the beauty and the mystique of high-fashion magazines? With the new PC culture anyone and everyone thinks they can be a cover girl swimsuit model and I don’t think it’s right. . . . It may sound harsh but in my opinion, being overweight is not healthy, it’s not stylish, it’s not attractive.”

She went on to say she’s receiving a lot of angry e-mails.

“I’m a little tired of this whole thing,” Duggan said. “I wasn’t fat-shaming anyone.”

Because of the backlash, South Shore Swimwear has minimized its social media presence, but that isn’t stopping women from tweeting about the company.