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A shirtless Gronk reportedly runs up $102,000 bar tab at Foxwoods

A shirtless Rob Gronkowski partied hard with Flo Rida at a Foxwoods nightclub on Saturday — and apparently ran up a pretty hefty bar tab.

Shrine Nightclub posted a video of the Patriots tight end — sans any clothing on his torso — twerking, fist-pumping, and generally letting loose during an event hosted by the singer.

He also apparently ran up a $102,407 bar tab at the club, according to TMZ. The celebrity gossip site also published what it says is a picture of Gronk’s receipt. If the receipt is indeed real, it looks like the Pats party boy and his friends dropped more than $10,000 on 16 bottles of Grey Goose, $27,000 on 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rosé, and $18,000 on 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rosé, among other alcoholic drinks.


The tab wasn’t all liquor: The group apparently also dropped $378 on mixers and water.

His reported mixers of choice, according to the bill? Twenty Red Bulls (sugar free, of course), orange and pineapple juice, and tonic water.

Shrine had promoted Flo Rida’s appearance, but apparently there was no chatter about Gronk attending until the event took place.

A representative for Big Night Entertainment, which produced the event, said Gronkowski is a “longtime friend” of Flo Rida, mentioned that Gronkowski’s brother was there, and confirmed that the tight end was accompanied by about 20 people.

“I know he usually rolls with a big crew,” said a representative at Agency 451, which handles PR for Big Night Entertainment.

The representative could not confirm the veracity of the receipt published by TMZ, but did add, “I know there was champagne.”

In a tweet posted late Monday, Gronk seemed to push back against the TMZ report.

Gronk is known for his carousing tendencies: He has hosted a party cruise to the Bahamas, and has been seen in several instances stripping off his shirt — including during recent revelries for the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI win, where he also doused himself in beer.


The star tight end is set to make $5 million next season with the Patriots, with up to $5.5 million in additional incentives. He has three seasons left on his contract. He also has appeared in several ads for brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and T-Mobile.

Gronk isn’t the only one to run up quite a receipt at Shrine. In 2011, the Boston Bruins also racked up a $165,000 tab at the club while celebrating their Stanley Cup win.

Jaclyn Reiss can be reached at jaclyn.reiss@globe.com.