Robert Kraft, NFL Hall of Famers meet with Israel’s prime minister

Robert Kraft’s journey through Israel continues, with the New England Patriots owner meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a video posted Tuesday to Netanyahu’s official Twitter page, the two appear onstage together at an event, with the prime minister tossing a football into the audience at one point.

Netanyahu also spent a portion of the event likening his approach to peace policy to the pre-game preparations of NFL players.

“You seek peace, but you’ve got to be strong,” he told the room full of former players. “If you’re not strong, you’ll never get peace, and if you’re not strong, you’ll be in war and turmoil. And the worst thing is, you lose.


“I’m sure that when you prepare for your games, you don’t say, ‘Well, do I need to be strong, fast, nimble?’ Is that a question? No. Your game is not different from ours. The only difference is, if we lose, the consequences are immutable.”

The event was part of the NFL’s “Touchdown in Israel II” tour, designed to expand the league’s global reach. Along with Kraft, 18 NFL Hall of Famers made the trip, including Joe Montana, Jim Brown, and Chris Carter.

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