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Watch Tom Brady sumo wrestle in Japan. Yes, you read that right

Tom Brady has been in the NFL for 17 seasons now, so he is probably pretty used to getting slammed by enormous men at this point. Even so, the Pats quarterback found himself in a novel situation on Wednesday.

Brady is wrapping up a tour of Asia as part of his endorsement deal with Under Armour, and during the last leg of the trip in Japan, he tried his hand at sumo wrestling at the Sakaigawa stable. He went through a training session with famed wrestler Goeido, and, as you might imagine, the visit made for some entertaining photos.

Brady also brought along his 9-year-old Jack, his son with Longmeadow native Bridget Moynahan.


“For them to welcome me means very much to me. It’s hard to describe in words how special that was,” said Brady to Kyodo News about his visit. You can catch a clip of him in action below.

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