Because the books aren’t going to sell themselves, Ben Mezrich is everywhere promoting his latest, “Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures.” The Boston-based best-selling author, who’s been featured in recent days in the pages of the Globe, “CBS Saturday Morning,” as well as KISS 108 and NPR, hosted a book party Monday at Serafina Boston, the Italian restaurant owned by his friend Seth Greenberg. In “Woolly,” Mezrich tells a “Jurassic Park”-worthy tale about the genetic resurrection of the extinct woolly mammoth. The author gets an assist from George Church, the Harvard geneticist who’s leading a team of scientists bent on bringing the long-extinct creatures back to life. If you think that sounds like the premise for a decent movie, you’re not alone. Fox has already optioned Mezrich’s book.