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Demi Lovato performs a private gig for guests (and Gronk) in Lynnfield

Demi Lovato got a piggy-back ride from Rob Gronkowski at the private performance.Jordan Corey for The Boston Globe

The rollout of Demi Lovato’s new single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” continued Tuesday with a hush-hush house concert in Lynnfield attended by 100 grateful followers who won tickets from Kiss 108.

Lovato, clad in a red Rob Gronkowski jersey, performed the single for the fans, who were bused to the secret location. The house, at the end of a cul-de-sac on a quiet street, is privately owned and has previously been used to house Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (he stayed there while filming “Central Intelligence” with Kevin Hart in 2015), and by Shakira, who used the property as a vacation spot years before that.


Lovato sang “Sorry Not Sorry” atop of the house’s fireplace base, stopping to clasp hands with fans and encouraging them to dance.

She was accompanied by Gronkowski, who stood to her left and danced with fans while tossing around a light-up football.

The new song represents a comeback of sorts for the 24-year-old singer, who surprised her 45 million Twitter followers last fall by announcing she was taking a “break” from the music business, though she didn’t say why. As it turned out, she wasn’t gone long.

“It feels amazing to be able to celebrate [the song’s release] with fans, because sometimes you release a song and it comes out and you’re not with the fans, you’re just seeing them on social media,” Lovato said in an interview after her performance. “To be able to hug them is what’s important and that’s what’s exciting for me.”

She said she chose to begin this “new chapter” in her career with “Sorry Not Sorry” because it’s “a feel-good song,” Lovato said.

“I think that any song that I do, it represents a lot of who I am,” Lovato said. “And I have a lot of attitude, and so it came across in the song which was cool, and so it kind of naturally had its own flair to it. What I want my fans to take from it is that if you’ve been knocked down . . . you can get back up and you can thrive without sulking in the hate.”


After the dance party and a break for interviews (Lovato was interviewed by Gronk’s on-again off-again girlfriend Camille Kostek, who was reporting for “Dirty Water TV”), Lovato sang acoustic versions of two of her older songs, “Catch Me” and “Get Back.”

Lovato was also promoting her new documentary, which will be released later this fall on YouTube.

She said the film showcases the making of the new album and her philanthropy work, and promised “it shows you pieces of me that I don’t think people have seen before.”

Lovato will play seven more shows over the next five days, in all different kinds of venues as part of her summer house party tour.

Gronk held a football while Lovato wore an 87 jersey during the appearance.Jordan Corey for The Boston Globe