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Amy Schumer leaves a big tip at Union Oyster House

Amy SchumerGetty Images/file

Amy Schumer is a lot of things — funny and foul-mouthed come immediately to mind — but a bad tipper she is not.

The comedian, who’s in town shooting a new movie, had lunch at the Union Oyster House the other day and left a $500 tip on an $80 tab. Not bad, right? We’re told Schumer told the server that she used to be a waitress, too, so understands the importance of a decent tip.

Schumer has a history of leaving large tips. Last year, she went to see “Hamilton” and left a $1,000 tip for the bartenders at the Broadway show. The tab was just $77. And earlier this summer, she dined at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C., where she once worked as a server, and left an $80 tip on a $67 lunch bill.


Appearing on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show, Schumer explained her largesse this way: “I worked in the service industry for 10 years. . . . I feel fine about having money. I take care of my family, my friends. I think I might feel guilty about having money if I wasn’t giving. It’s because it does make me feel great and I feel like I have no other choice.”

Schumer will be in town a while longer shooting the comedy “I Feel Pretty.”