Grotesque Gordon Hayward injury inspires a Halloween costume


Justin Caskey’s Gordon Hayward Halloween costume.

By Globe Staff 

What was a bad break for Gordon Hayward is a great Halloween costume for Justin Caskey.

Caskey, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., posted a picture of himself in a Celtics uniform, with his prosthetic foot turned at a 45-degree angle like Hayward’s hoof when he fell and fractured his tibia and dislocated his ankle during the Celtics’ season opener.


Caskey, who lost his leg to bone cancer in 2008, told a local TV station that he got the idea after seeing Hayward collapse in a heap.

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Oops... Something broke.

“I was watching the game when Hayward got injured, and after the initial shock, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to adjust my prosthetic to look like the injury,” he said. “If I wasn’t so sure that Hayward would rehab back and be as good, if not better, I wouldn’t have done the costume.”

Caskey has confidence that Hayward will be back.

“When you realize what it takes physically and mentally to make it that far in a sport, you have to realize that this injury won’t keep that guy down.”