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Safarani Sisters open new art exhibition on Newbury Street

Bahareh and Farzaneh SafaraniZach Lanoue

Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani, identical twin sisters from Tehran who last year graduated from Northeastern University with MFAs in studio art, presented the opening of their exhibition “SANCTUARY” on Tuesday.

The solo show, which will run through Jan. 1, was created by the sisters together, and is a blend of painting, video, and performance art. It is being held at Amalgam, a branding and digital marketing agency located on Newbury Street, and was curated by Olivia Ives-Flores.

“There is ongoing interest from Boston area museums in acquiring the Safarani Sisters’ artwork from this exhibit,” Barbara Quiroga, the public relations representative for “SANCTUARY,” wrote in an e-mail to the Globe.


The 27-year-old sisters said they both began painting at age 13, and have been collaborating on artwork together for the past five years, a union that came about organically by shared interest in art mediums. The sisters, who often dress alike or identically, have had artwork displayed at multiple galleries around Boston, including Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Adelson Gallery, and Distillery Gallery.

A key component of their artwork is performance art, the duo said, and added that they plan to host a performance with “SANCTUARY” during its run at Amalgam.

“All of the pieces that we do are inspired by our lives,” Bahareh Safarani said, “the connection that me and my sister have together.”

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