Steven Tyler opens home for abused girls


Steven Tyler in October.

By Globe Staff 

Aerosmith screamer Steven Tyler opened a home for abused girls Wednesday.

Called Janie’s House — a riff on the Aerosmith song “Janie’s Got a Gun” — the facility in Atlanta is intended to be a haven for girls who’ve suffered sexual or physical abuse. It’s the first such facility Tyler has opened since creating Janie’s Fund in 2015.


“When girls come in and they’re broken and battered and have their problems and get out, they have somewhere to go,” Tyler said in video posted by TMZ. “It’s a safe haven, and more than anything, it gives them a voice. That’s what we want in the end, for them to be able to figure out what’s going on and be good from the inside out and pass it on.”

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“Janie’s Got a Gun,” released in 1989, is about a girl named Janie who takes violent revenge on her father after being sexually abused by him.

In the video posted Thursday, Tyler appears relaxed and healthy, over whatever forced the band to abruptly cancel shows in South America a few months ago.