Thursday, as part of its public art series Playful Perspective, the Greenway Conservancy is unveiling two sculptures by artist Aakash Nihalani at Fort Point Channel Parks. “Balancing Act I” and “Balancing Act II,” which play with perception and gravity, will be on display for one year. This will allow people to see them through all four seasons, said Lucas Cowan, the conservancy’s art curator.

The sculptures, each 9 feet tall and 2½ inches thick, are tipsy and block-like. They’re meant to entice people to play with them. Jesse Brackenbury, the conservancy’s executive director, said he hopes people want to come back at different times throughout the year to see how the sculptures change with the seasons.


Nihalani is known to his thousands of Instagram followers as a street artist. These sculptures will mark his first outdoor public art commission. The conservancy commissioned Nihalani because the two-dimensional planes he creates to render his work three-dimensional will make passersby question the environment they’re walking in as the sculpture seems to appear and disappear, Cowan said.

One of the goals of the conservancy is to inspire people to stop and connect with public art, and Brackenbury said the sculptures do just that.

“The works are really playful and . . . look like they are about to topple over,” Brackenbury said. “I think this is a critical interaction with the public realm and it’s important [for us to] invite that interaction.”