Maria Menounos talks brain tumor in Women’s Health

By Kaitlyn Locke Globe Correspondent 

Maria Menounos is in a reflective mood as 2017 ends.

The Medford-bred TV personality had a roller coaster year marked by health issues. In April, an MRI revealed she had a benign, golf ball-size brain tumor, which was removed on her 39th birthday, and her mother, Litsa, is still battling stage 4 brain cancer. Menounos talks about all of it in the January/February issue of Women’s Health magazine.


“Would you believe me if I told you that the brain tumor is the best thing that ever happened to me?” Menounos told Women’s Health. “It’s freed me from all of that anxiety of having to be perfect. You can’t control everything; leave it to God and just say, ‘Okay, this is my journey.’ ”

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Before the tumor was discovered, Menounos said she hadn’t been to a primary care physician in about eight years due to work, but her mother’s cancer shocked her into making a change.

“Just a few months after we found my mom’s brain cancer, I started having similar symptoms: blurred vision, light-headedness, headaches,” she said. “I was having trouble speaking. But my mom’s tumor was growing and I thought, ‘I don’t have time to deal with my own issue, whatever it is.’ We’re so empathetic with everyone except ourselves.”

Menounos said she’s resolved to spend more quality time with friends and limit time online.

“I found myself thinking, ‘I’m almost halfway through my life, if I’m lucky,’ ” she said, adding that she doesn’t want to look back and ask “when you look back, have you really lived? Have you enjoyed your life? Or were you on your phone the whole time?”

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