Mark Wahlberg wants you to admire his abs

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Mark Wahlberg

By Globe Staff 

The intrigue surrounding Tom Brady’s fitness guru Alex Guerrero — he’s had some of his privileges revoked by Patriots coach Bill Belichick — got us thinking about another celebrity who’s trying to build a sports nutrition and lifestyle empire.

That’d be actor Mark Wahlberg, cofounder of something called Performance Inspired Nutrition, which sells an array of products — whey powders, protein bars, amino acid supplements, and Creatine — designed to give you a “Transformers” physique.


Yes, the guy who presides over a chain of burger joints — there are Wahlburgers restaurants in 14 states now — is quietly building the Performance Inspired Nutrition brand. In recent weeks, he partnered with the Michigan-based Meijer supermarket chain to sell his nutrition products, and he’s inked a deal with the World Long Drive Association — the pro tour for golf’s heaviest hitters — to be its official “high-performance sports nutrition” product.

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Wahlberg’s PIN cofounder, Tom Dowd, worked for 25 years as an executive with the supplements giant GNC before going into business with the beefcake actor.

Just as Brady’s TB12 Method seems to be keeping the QB spry, Marky Mark’s menu of workouts and supplements is also working. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this recent (promotional) post from Wahlberg’s Instagram account.